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Christmas Present Ideas – How to Think "Out of the Box" When it Comes to Gift Giving Ideas

So you need some Christmas present ideas -- and fast? I know just how you feel. You don't want to "surprise" your lived ones with the same old same old. But what to do instead?

How about thinking out of the box! Here are a few things you could give them:

Think Virtual Gifts

Instead of cluttering up their space even more than it is already, why not clutter up their hard drive instead. Just kidding of course. But here's what I'm suggesting: There are some amazing information products out there, and you could have a life-changing effect on your recipient if you find just the right product!

1) Give the Gift of More Money

Why not teach them to fish instead of giving them a fish (metaphorically speaking).

There are some terrific products out there that can help them build their own online business -- or at least supplement their income nicely. Basically, they're money making gifts.

It's important that you check out those products carefully, though. Don't give them a get-rich-quick scheme and watch them bang their heads on their keyboard in frustration a few weeks later.

Stick to products that are clearly legitimate and deliver what they promise. You could pick ones that give step-by-step instructions for how to sell in tried-and-proven marketplaces, such as eBay or

2) Give the Gift of New Skills

There are also some fantastic courses available online that can teach the lucky recipient skills from learning how to sing or learning a new language. Or even how to manage their time -- or stress -- more effectively!

One drawback of virtual products is that they are, well, virtual. So they're kind of hard to wrap up into a pretty package.

But here's a solution: Why not buy something physical that you can wrap, for example chocolate truffles or some other yummy edibles -- and create a pretty gift certificate that tells them about their virtual gift.

Source by Elisabeth Kuhn